Zé Neto appears thinner in show after lung problem

After facing a recent health problem, Zé Neto, from the duo with Cristiano, finally returned to the stage last Saturday (07). The countryman, however, surprised fans by appearing in a presentation in Belo Horizonte/MG.

Recently, the duo’s press office reported that Zé Neto was facing a problem with his lungs, such as shortness of breath when singing. The team also reported that the consumption of electronic cigarettes may have contributed to the current health problem of the 31-year-old sertanejo.


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In the released photos, Zé Neto appears much thinner than usual during the presentation. The singer took off his shirt and the weight loss was even more evident, causing concern among fans present at the event.

Weeks ago, the duo’s new shows were canceled after Zé Neto was detected with a bacterium in his lung. “Shows canceled due to the detection of oral moniliasis (fungus), caused by the use of corticosteroids, a drug used by the singer in the recent treatment to cure the foci of ground glass in the lung. The singer has already started the new treatment and will have to rest. Both Zé Neto and Cristiano are already at home. There is no need for hospitalization in this case, according to the private doctor.“, he reported at the time.

Zé Neto. (Photo: Leo Franco/AgNews)
Zé Neto. (Photo: Leo Franco/AgNews)

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