After approval of PL, City Hall of Campinas cites increase in respiratory diseases and defends the use of masks in schools | Campinas and Region

After the councilors of Campinas (SP) approved, this Monday (9), the project to exempt the use of masks in schools, the Municipal Health Department defended the permanence of the rule at this time and argued that the epidemiological scenario points to an increase ” beyond the historical average” of cases of respiratory diseases in children.

“The current epidemiological situation in Campinas, as well as in the State of São Paulo, points to an increase beyond the historical average of childhood respiratory diseases. This is reflected in the high occupancy rates of ICUs and pediatric wards in public and private networks. In 2022, in addition to seasonal diseases, there is the circulation of covid-19“, said the folder.

The Municipal Secretary of Justice said that it will wait for the City Council to send the project to the city hall to analyze whether or not to sanction it. Only after the sanction would the rule come into force.

According to the folder, the Chamber has 10 days to send the project. The mayor has 15 working days to sanction. In the event of a veto by the Executive Branch, the decision goes back to the Chamber, which reassesses whether to maintain the veto or overturn it.

The struggle also demanded that the city hall meet with the city’s hospitals (HC da Unicamp, Caism, Maternidade and PUC-Campinas) to deliberate a request for the state government to reopen the children’s ward at the State Hospital of Sumaré, closed since January 2021.

In the request, Mayor Dário Saadi (Republicans) states that about 30% of the consultations made in Campinas are from patients from cities in the region.

Mário Gatti Hospital, in Campinas — Photo: Reproduction/EPTV

In the note sent after the project was approved, the Health Department states that the maintenance of the use of masks in closed environments of schools is an additional protection measure for respiratory diseases that affect children in the autumn/winter period.

“As well as the mask, high rates of vaccination coverage, alcohol in gel and hand washing are recommended measures to prevent the transmission of these diseases”, he added.

The ministry also stated that it reassesses the measures daily and that the decision to relax the rules is based on “control of the epidemiological situation”.

The secretariat also states that it has a legal duty to act for the protection of public health in order to reduce the risks of disease to the population.

“Therefore, it must adopt measures for the prevention, promotion and protection of collective health, based on epidemiological, technical and scientific evidence, preventing the spread of diseases and eliminating health risks”.

Approval by the City Council

The requirement is currently imposed by the city hall through a decree of March 19, although the requirement has not been made by the government of São Paulo either. The Secretary of Health says that “it is not a good time to exclude the measure”.

Along with the bill, an amendment by another parliamentarian was also approved, which determines that the use of a mask can only be optional in the case of children who have the complete vaccination schedule.

That is, for children who have not yet taken the two doses or the single dose of the immunizer against Covid-19, the mandatory protective equipment will remain mandatory, even if the project is sanctioned by the Chief Executive and becomes law.

The proposal was approved by 18 votes to 10, in the first session held by the councilors at the Bento Quirino Theater, in the central region of Campinas.

The property will be used by the Legislature during the renovation of the House. The discussions of the parliamentarians returned, as of this Monday, to be in person, but still without the presence of the public, until adjustments occur in the building.

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