Cat’s claw tea: know the benefits and harms of this drink and learn how to make it

Montes Claros, May 10, 2022, by Eliel Meireles – The tea cat nail It is made from a medicinal plant with several immunostimulating properties. It has this popular name due to its claw-shaped spines. Knowing this, the plant has two species, the Uncaria tomentosa and the Uncaria guianensis.

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Both the first and the second species develop in tropical areas of Brazil and in South American countries. In fact, both have thorns and the first reaches up to 35 meters. Much is said about the effects that this plant can have on the body. So, see below all about the tea cat nail and how to make the drink.

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Benefits of cat’s claw tea

According to the News page of wow, in an article of February 24, 2017, by collaborator Fernando Cymbaluk, a research carried out at the Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, in São Paulo, showed that the plant reduces fatigue caused by cancer. Likewise, it helps in the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.

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Cat's Claw Tea: Know the benefits and harms (Canva Pro reproduction)
Cat’s Claw Tea: Know the benefits and harms (Canva Pro reproduction)

Helps fight inflammation

First of all, one of the main benefits of tea made from the plant is its anti-inflammatory action. Therefore, the presence of flavonoids and other substances help in the treatment of sore throats, gastritis and other inflammations.

Strengthens the immune system

Also due to the presence of flavonoids, tea made from the herb is excellent for helping the immune system in its body defense actions. Thus, the system will have more strength to act against flu, colds and several other diseases that affect it.

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Benefits skin health

Cat’s claw tea helps fight the action of free radicals in the body, especially when it’s consumed regularly and on a long-term basis. In this way, it prevents premature aging, the appearance of wrinkles and keeps the skin healthy for longer.

Lowers blood pressure

The plant is rich in alkaloids, a phenolic compound that helps in several problems, and one of them is the reduction of blood pressure. In other words, its substances help dilate the vessels and ultimately contribute to better blood flow.

How to prepare cat’s claw tea

To prepare the drink, separate the leaves or bark from the plant and add it to a pot of water. For every one liter of water, 30 grams of plant bark will be needed. So, after starting the boiling process, keep the fire on for 10 minutes and cover the container. After that, turn off the heat, strain and the drink will be ready.

What are the side effects of cat’s claw tea?

It is important to mention that even the cat’s claw plant has several health benefits, as AgroNews showed, there are some contraindications. Knowing this, people who have undergone organ transplants should avoid consuming tea, as the plant’s immunostimulating potential aggravates the rejection of new organs. Finally, for those who suffer from ulcers, consuming the cat’s claw tea It will only be under medical prescription.

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