Elderly woman complains of pain for 1 month, and doctors find 5 kg cyst

Doctors at a hospital in Piauí removed a 5 kg cyst from one of the ovaries of an elderly woman, in an emergency surgery. The 66-year-old woman had been experiencing severe pain in her abdomen and bowel problems for at least 30 days.

A CT scan at the Bom Jesus Regional Hospital, in the south of the state, indicated the presence of the “giant” cyst, according to a statement published by the health unit on Sunday (08). With the examination report and a picture of intense pain, the elderly woman was immediately hospitalized.

On social media, the hospital shared photos of the successful surgery, showing the doctors responsible holding the cyst removed from the woman’s left ovary. Two surgeons, a nurse and two nursing technicians participated in the procedure, in addition to an anesthesiologist, who applied only local sedation to the patient.

The technique used by the team was the so-called “exploratory laparotomy”, with an incision in the abdomen to access internal organs.

“A mini-laparotomy may involve an eight to ten centimeter incision, but an exploratory laparotomy may involve an incision that runs almost the entire length of the abdomen,” described the hospital’s advisory, which did not provide further information about the recovery or identity of the patient. old woman.

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