Passenger is arrested in Guarulhos after police smell strong odor coming from her

Guarulhos international airport

Last Friday (6th) and Saturday (7th), the Federal Police seized, in joint action with the Federal Revenue Service, at São Paulo International Airport, crystals of methamphetamine and cocaine, with passengers of international flights.


On Friday (6), a passenger, who disembarked from a flight from Mexico, was approached by employees of the Federal Revenue Service to inspect his luggage, with the aid of an x-ray machine. Through the images generated by the device, a hidden substance was verified in the structures of a suitcase. After the hidden volumes were removed, it was found that their content was similar to methamphetamine crystals. The suspect, a Mexican national, was taken to the PF and after carrying out the forensic examinations, was arrested for carrying more than 5 kg of methamphetamine.

shirt and odor

On the same day, federal police officers, who were inspecting passengers in the check-in line for a flight to Doha, Qatar, when approaching a woman, felt a strong chemical odor emanating from her suitcase. The suspect was approached and taken to a luggage search. Inside his suitcase they were found, hidden in the packs of dress shirts, 20 volumes containing 10 kg of cocaine. The suspect, a national of South Africa, was arrested.

Federal police, called by officials who inspect checked baggage through X-ray machines, due to suspicion about the contents of a suitcase, located its owner, a man, a national of Paraguay, and took him to accompany, in the presence of of witnesses, the magazine in their belongings.

Inside the suitcase were found two jackets containing a pasty substance made up of cocaine and, on the sides of the suitcase, a kind of rubber containing the same drug. The suspect intended to take the almost 6 kg of cocaine (gross weight) to the Seychelles Islands.

In another action, a woman, a national of Namibia, who tried to board a flight to Johannesburg, South Africa, taking more than 7 kg of cocainehidden in the covers of 15 books, was arrested by federal police as she prepared to check-in.

The suspects will be presented to the Federal Court, where they can answer for the crime of international drug trafficking.

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