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Vicky White and Casey White (Photo: publicity)

Vicky White and Casey White (Photo: publicity)

The impressive case of the escape of a former prison guard and an inmate arrested for murder ended in tragedy. Vicky White, who helped inmate Casey White escape from prison, were surrounded by police after a more than 10-day manhunt that ended in a car accident and a death.

The Alabama murder suspect was captured and the former prison chief who helped him escape were surrounded by police in the state of Indiana, officials said. Vicky White, who was driving the vehicle the couple fled in, shot herself after colliding with a truck. Casey Cole White, who was in the passenger seat, was arrested. The woman was rescued, but she could not resist her injuries and died in hospital.

Evansville Sheriff Dave Wedding said the suspects were tracked down and found at a hotel, fleeing in a black Cadillac when they were discovered, resulting in a chase. During the high-speed chase, the former jailer collided with a truck, causing the accident. When this occurred, the driver of the vehicle shot herself and the passenger was injured,” Wedding told a news conference.

Accident caused by Vicky White and Casey White (Photo: publicity)

Accident caused by Vicky White and Casey White (Photo: publicity)

““It’s hard to believe they’ve been here for so many days, but we’re glad we stumbled across them today,” the police representative told a news conference. The dramatic capture of the couple came after the FBI released photos of a Ford F-150. 2006 car that was found abandoned in Evansville, Ind. Photos, taken at a car wash on Tuesday, showed a man in a baseball cap and sunglasses believed to be Casey.

Also on Monday, Vicky was charged with second-degree forgery and identity theft for allegedly using an alias to purchase the getaway car – an orange 2007 Ford Edge. That car was later found abandoned on a rural road in College Grove. , Tennessee, just hours after his alleged escape on April 29. Lauderdale County Sheriff Singleton said the car was likely abandoned because of mechanical problems.

Chad Hunt, commander of the US Marshals Service’s Gulf Coast Regional Fugitives Task Force, told WAAY that the discovery of the pair’s getaway car in Williamson County, Tennessee, gave authorities a more specific area to focus on. attempt to hunt them down. “Even though it’s seven days after the vehicle is dumped, we have this foundation, we have this springboard starting point,” Hunt said.

Meanwhile, Casey’s former attorney, Dale Bryant, said the inmate “suffers from a mental illness.” “When he’s on medication and in a supervised setting… he’s a decent person,” Bryant told the network. “When he gets out of prison, he can’t keep his medication and even self-medicates by smoking methamphetamine or taking other illegal substances,” he warned.

Casey escaped from the Lauderdale County Jail on April 29 with Vicky, 56, a former assistant prison director. Singleton called the couple’s relationship a “prison romance”. Vicky told co-workers that she was taking Casey in for a mental health evaluation in court, but there was never an appointment scheduled. Instead, she abandoned the police cruiser she was driving and is believed to have fled with Casey in the Ford Edge earlier that day. She had recently filed her retirement papers and sold her Lexington home.

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