Zelensky’s jacket, Ukrainian president, is auctioned for BRL 568,800

A wool jacket of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky — a piece that, along with a few others in camouflage tones, formed a kind of unofficial military uniform of the leader since the beginning of the Russian invasion of his country, on February 24 — was auctioned. in London on Thursday (5th) for 90 thousand pounds or around R$ 568.8 thousand today.

Signed by the chief executive, the now-fashion relic was auctioned off by the traditional house of Christie’s at an event organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom at the Tate Modern gallery with the aim of raising funds, mainly to re-equip the Western Ukrainian Children’s Medical Center. , damaged by the attacks.

“Today, the whole world admires a man who wears a simple woolen jacket,” the Embassy announced, with a message about the Ukrainians’ “stronger than bombs” courage, a kind of “endless resource” for the country. “The purpose of this event is to tell the stories of the bravery that became iconic during the war, and also to raise funds to support that bravery.”

The event dubbed “Brave Ukraine” or “Brave Ukraine” also featured the auction of toys donated by First Lady Olena Zelenska and photographs taken by documentary filmmaker and photojournalist Max Levine, who died in the conflict. More than US$ 1 million or R$ 5.15 million were raised for humanitarian efforts in the country.

Among the distinguished guests was UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who praised the Ukrainian president’s leadership. Zelensky participated shortly before, via a video call.

“What an honor to speak after my friend Volodymyr Zelensky, truly one of the most incredible leaders of modern times,” said Johnson, who also stressed his certainty in the Ukrainian victory and British pride in the friendship between the two countries.

He also asked for generosity from auction participants, so that “much higher bids” for the jacket than the initial 50 thousand pounds (or R$ 316 thousand) could be reached.

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