Sorocaba adds 677 more cases of Covid-19 over the weekend

Another 677 cases of people contaminated by Covid-19 were registered by the Health Department of Sorocaba this Monday (9), raising the number of notifications from 118,782 to 119,459 in the city. There were no records of deaths, remaining at 3,124 deaths. The fatality rate in the municipality is 2.6%, below the state rate, which is 3.2%, and above the national rate, which is 2.2%.

Bulletin demonstrates Covid-19 situation in Sorocaba - Secom / Sorocaba City Hall
Bulletin demonstrates Covid-19 situation in Sorocaba (credit: Secom / Sorocaba City Hall)

The Health Department (SES) also recorded an increase in the number of people recovered from the disease, reaching a total of 116,183 cured. Of the total number of people infected by the coronavirus, three are hospitalized in the ICU, another 147 are still recovering at home.

Another positive data on Covid-19 shows a drop in the number of people suspected of being contaminated by the coronavirus and awaiting results: from 54 to 53. There are no deaths under investigation, and the number of people discarded due to negative results from the disease increased to 226,075.

Bed occupancy rate

In the daily census of Covid-19 beds this Monday (9), of the hospitals contracted by the Prefecture of Sorocaba to offer Covid beds, GPACI has an occupation in the six clinical beds. Amhemed Hospital has 15 Covid clinical beds agreed and none are occupied. Among the four ICU beds hired, two are occupied.

In the private network, Hospital Unimed has an adult Covid ICU bed occupied out of the 15 agreed. Of the 20 clinical beds, two are occupied. The only Covid ICU infant bed in this hospital is unoccupied. Samaritan has six Covid clinical beds and has one occupation. Of the three ICU Covid beds agreed, none are occupied. The only Covid ICU bed for children is unoccupied. The Evangelical Hospital does not have any Covid ICU beds occupied from the 10 beds agreed. Of the 10 Covid clinical beds agreed, one is occupied. Amhemed Hospital has 13 Covid clinical beds agreed and none occupied. The ICU of the same hospital has one bed occupied, out of a total of seven available.

Awareness and fight against Covid-19

SES reinforces that it is necessary for people to continue adopting preventive measures against Covid-19, such as the use of gel alcohol and protective masks in public transport and in medical-hospital environments. Public awareness of these habits is essential.


Sorocaba continues today (10) the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in all Basic Health Units (UBSs). The action takes place from 9 am to 3 pm and all audiences can participate. The 1st dose of Pfizer is for children and immunosuppressed people aged 5 to 11 years. Already, the second of this same immunizing agent is for infant patients who received the first application at least eight weeks ago. The 2nd dose of Coronavac is for children aged 6 to 11 years who took their first application at least 28 days ago.

Population 12 years and older receives 1st and 2nd dose of Pfizer. The 3rd dose of this vaccine is for people over 18 years old, who took the second injection 122 days ago or more. Immunosuppressed (from 12 years old), young pregnant and postpartum women (12 to 17 years old) are also able to receive the 3rd dose of Pfizer. The 4th dose of this vaccine is for elderly people aged 60 years and over who had their third injection at least 122 days ago. Finally, the 3rd dose of Pfizer is intended for immunosuppressed patients (from 12 years old), pregnant and postpartum women.

Votorantim also continues the immunization against the coronavirus, this time in 12 health posts. Children aged between 5 and 11 are cared for at the Vila Garcia, Rio Acima and Serrano units, from 8 am to 12 pm; Bela Vista, 8 am to 2 pm; and New World, from 9 am to 12 pm. The population aged 12 years and over, in turn, can attend the Archilla, Barra Funda, Amorim and Itapeva UBSs, from 8 am to 12 pm; Crystal, from 8 am to 2 pm; Tatiana, from 9 am to 3 pm; and Vila Nova, from 9 am to 3 pm. (From the Newsroom)

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