After fighting cancer, Fátima Bernardes receives new health warning

Recently, Globo announced another major change in its programming schedule, taking the public by surprise. One of the announced changes was the departure of Fátima Bernardes do Encontro, a program that has been running for almost 10 years, and will be replaced by Patricia Poet and Manuel Soares.

However, Fátima Bernardes’ salary will also change drastically. Currently, according to the TV Observatory website, her salary is approximately R$ 1.5 million monthly. But she will earn only R$400 thousand when she starts presenting The Voice Brasil, where she will still profit from a percentage of merchandising, which can mean a considerable increase in monthly income.

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Fátima Bernardes, according to the sensitive Érica Dias, will take even more different paths, “but that will bring discomfort”. “It shows many changes and transformations in her ways, I see it symbolizing a death, but a death that a cycle that will open new paths and bring something new”, said the medium.

Érica Dias also made a revelation about the health of Fátima Bernardes, who in 2020 discovered cancer and needed surgery to remove the nodule. “I see her coming back to the hospital again because of a health problem, but nothing serious, there’s nothing to worry about,” she said.

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At the time, in December 2020, Fátima Bernardes announced that she would undergo surgery and would need to leave the Meeting for a few days. “I’m fine,” she began, reassuring fans. “After a series of routine tests, today I was diagnosed with early-stage uterine cancer.”

Finally, the seer revealed that there will be an increase in the family of Fátima Bernardes, with the right to baptism and marriage soon. “As for the family, I see a birth, Fátima receiving an invitation to a christening. I also see a wedding until next year. It shows above all a harmonious, affective person, on the spiritual side, she has a strong and faithful friend always by her side”, she concluded.

Fátima Bernardes surprised at Globo (Photo: Reproduction)
Fátima Bernardes (Photo: Reproduction)

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