cases continue to grow in Brusque; check the data

This Wednesday, 11, data on dengue cases in Brusque were updated. According to the Directorate of Health Surveillance of Brusque, through the Program to Combat Endemics, in the last 24 hours, 59 new patients were confirmed with the disease. With this, the municipality has added 2,770 cases since the beginning of 2022.

Four people are hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and eight in the ward. Since the beginning of the year, so far, six deaths have been recorded as a result of the disease.

Neighborhoods where the cases were recorded

In 2022 there are 2,770 cases, of which 128 are in Águas Claras, 178 in Azambuja, 41 in Bateas, 36 in Cedrinho, 37 in Cedro Alto, 220 in Centro I, 20 in Centro II, 199 in Dom Joaquim, 68 in Guarani, 64 in Limeira, 59 in Limoeiro, 373 in Jardim Maluche, 71 in Nova Brasília, 24 in Paquetá, 12 in Planalto, five in Ponta Russa, 17 in Poço Fundo, 126 in Primeiro de Maio, 213 in Rio Branco, 18 in Santa Luzia, 63 in Santa Rita, 257 in Santa Terezinha, 85 in São Luiz, 54 in São Pedro, 289 in Souza Cruz, 55 in Steffen, 19 in Tomaz Coelho, seven in Volta Grande and 32 in Zantão.


The number of outbreaks was updated on Monday, 9, in 2022, there are 976 outbreaks. The neighborhood with the highest number is Dom Joaquim, with 69 notifications, followed by Águas Claras, with 67; Guarani, with 65; Rio Branco, 63; Santa Rita, 61; Azambuja, 58; Maluche, 58; Limeira, 51; Santa Teresa, 48; Center I, 44; Nova Brasilia, 43; Steffen, 43; First of May, 42. The regions with the highest number of outbreaks complete, Limoeiro, which has 41, and Souza Cruz, with 41 occurrences of outbreaks identified throughout 2022.

Based on these numbers, the districts of Brusque considered infested by the technical team of the Program to Combat Endemics are: Nova Brasília, Santa Terezinha, Santa Rita, São Luiz, São Pedro, Azambuja, Águas Claras, Primeiro de Maio, Jardim Maluche, Souza Cruz and Stefan. What determines when a location is considered infested is an analysis that considers criteria such as the number of outbreaks and cases.

Numbers for complaints

The Directorate of Health Surveillance of Brusque, through the Program to Combat Endemics, also informs the telephone number for complaints, by WhatsApp, only in text format at (47) 9 88130095 or call, by the number of the Municipal Ombudsman on 156.

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