Cat sleeps in box and travels 482 km after being accidentally sent to the post office

In April, the cat Sanny was surprised to wake up from her nap and find herself in a place far from her home located in Hagen, Germany.

The feline loves to find reserved places to rest and one afternoon she found a huge cardboard box ‘lost’ around the house and decided that it would be a great place for her nap.

It turns out that that box contained a large car part that her owner had ordered but planned to return.

Seeing that this would be a good place to nest, he jumped inside and hid between the cardboard and the equipment. This is where this little girl’s adventure begins.

The furry’s owner didn’t realize she was there and sealed the box to send it by post. In a matter of time the kitten was running miles away to an uncertain place. Darling!

Within 48 hours of dispatch, the box with the equipment and the kitten was delivered to the car parts manufacturer, ATP Auto Parts, over 300 miles (482 km) away in the city of Pressath.

On site, the box remained closed for another 30 hours until it was opened by an employee. Opening it, Sanny jumped in fright—despite the circumstance she was healthy and unharmed in the shipping process—very hungry and thirsty. Guys… I suffocate this kitten lived.

The astonished employees and until they understood what had happened they welcomed and fed her.

“These comebacks with a cat in a box don’t happen every day,” ATP Auto Parts wrote.

Meanwhile, Sanny’s owner was desperate for the whereabouts of the feline, after the days of anguish he received a call from the manufacturer, informing that a kitten had been shipped along with the piece.

“The owner would never have thought that [Sanny tinha ido em] such an adventure,” the company wrote.

Ufa! The kitten was safe and well and the return trip was not as dramatic as the one out, as the owner went to pick her up.

“I am very happy and very grateful to ATP Auto Parts for taking such loving care of my cat and giving her a home for a few hours.”

Thank God, Sanny is in the comfort of his home and I believe that from now on he will take care of the place he will nap.

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