Chamber approves MP that allows use of fund to finance federal police health plan

05/12/2022 – 00:20

Zeca Ribeiro/Chamber of Deputies

Aluisio Mendes, MP rapporteur

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday (11) the Provisional Measure 1080/21, which expands the purposes of using the resources of the Fund for the Equipment and Operationalization of End-Activities of the Federal Police (Funapol) to allow the financing of a plan health insurance and payment of a compensation for time of availability. The text will be sent to the Senate.

Originally, the MP only allowed the use of up to 30% of Funapol’s resources for the payment of health expenses and the cost of transport, accommodation and food for servers in missions or operations of an official nature.

However, the substitute of the rapporteur, deputy Aluisio Mendes (PSC-MA), increased to 50%, also incorporating the expenses with compensation. The text amends Complementary Law 89/97, which created the fund.

According to the proposal, the Minister of Justice and Public Security will establish the limits and conditions, according to budget availability. Compensation may be paid to the Federal Police employee who voluntarily remains at the service’s disposal, according to a previous schedule, awaiting a summons to report to the service after his regular 8-hour or 40-hour workweek.

There will be no collection of Income Tax and social security contribution on the indemnity. The amounts may not be incorporated into the employee’s remuneration or used as a basis for calculating other benefits of any kind, including for the purposes of calculating retirement or death benefits.

Mendes’ text proposes that the value of each hour remunerated in this way will be equivalent to 1/3000 of the highest remuneration of the police career, which, in the case of the position of chief of police, reaches R$ 30 thousand. That would be $10 an hour. Considering an entire weekend in availability, the value would total R$ 480.00.

The time available can also be compensated within the workload.

In the event that the server is available without having volunteered, the hours of effective work per call will only be compensated, and the payment of indemnity is prohibited.

The funds necessary for the payment of this type of compensation for availability will come from the reallocation of budgetary allocations from the Federal Police.

In addition to the limits on payment and receipt of compensation, the minister’s act will define conditions and criteria for the server to be able to receive compensation, observing principles of economy, voluntariness, impersonality, efficiency, continuity of public service and supremacy of the public interest.

“The lack of regulation of the subject is old and, in view of this, the need to regularize the subject is imperative”, said Mendes.

In the plenary vote, a Spotlight of the New, which intended to remove the indemnification provision from the text.

Reporting – Eduardo Piovesan
Editing – Pierre Triboli

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