Chinese young man unravels mathematical equation that intrigued group of PhDs

Considered the new genius of the moment, a young Chinese man solved in just one night a complex mathematical problem that had given a team of researchers with PhDs a headache, who spent four months trying to solve the same question.

Wei Dongyi, 30, now nicknamed “God Wei”, is an assistant professor of mathematics at Peking University. He is known for being admitted to the institution without taking the gaokao, which is China’s entrance exam, recognized as one of the most difficult exams in the world – annually places 10 million students try to gain access to 6.6 million university places.

According to information from the South China Morning Post, a group of mathematicians spent months trying to develop a new model of equation that, apparently, proved to be indecipherable. For a long time, none of the experts managed to solve the problem.

So Wei stepped in to help them and provided them with their own equations against the model. When they were applied to the experiment, the team earned a 96% pass rate.

In addition to having contributed to the success of the mathematical model, Wei had extraordinary mathematical reasoning recognized by scientists, who tried to reward him with money. However, he refused.

“It’s unnecessary to pay me for such an easy problem,” declared Wei.

Even after the researchers insisted, the young man ended up asking only to recharge his transport card as a form of compensation.

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Wei Dongyi had previously made headlines in the Chinese press for his other notable achievements. In addition to his intellectual prowess helping him to dribble the gaokao, he also won two consecutive gold medals at the International Mathematical Olympiad during high school.

He also turned down an offer to study at Harvard University as a Ph.D., with an English language waiver and support from an interpreter, the Shandong Business News reported.

According to a Peking University spokesperson, Wei received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics in 2014 and his Ph.D. in the same field four years later. For Chen Dayue, dean of the institution, it is not surprising that an intellectual with Wei’s background and skills can solve a mathematical puzzle, as he is intelligent and very focused on every project he gets involved in.

In addition to his charisma, he won the admiration of many people for his discipline and humility, as he dedicates himself a lot to his studies and works at the university, but he prefers a simple lifestyle, without sophisticated food or expensive clothes.

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