City Hall highlights the role of nurses in Primary Care for the population of Manaus

City Hall highlights the role of nurses in Primary Care for the population of Manaus

The City of Manaus highlights, on World Nurses Day, celebrated on May 12, the role of these professionals in the care of the population in Primary Health Care. Together with a multiprofessional team, nurses who work in the units of the Municipal Health Department (Semsa) provide assistance to users and also develop measures, in management positions, to restore and preserve everyone’s health.

“Being a nurse is everything. He is close to the people, helping in the most difficult and most fragile moments of the population. Sometimes, the proximity is such that they end up being part of the family, being the person who has a friendly voice, who takes appropriate treatment, respecting all interactions with the multidisciplinary team, and helping others”, declared the undersecretary of Management. of Semsa Health, Aldeniza Araújo de Souza.

Aldeniza has been a nurse for 40 years and has extensive experience in care and management that contributes to the improvement of the service available to users of the Unified Health System (SUS).

“Nurses make a joint effort to better contribute to the rescue of the population’s health. In management, he develops the actions that will be applied in his territory, with the involvement of a multi-professional team, to reach the final objective, which is to provide quality assistance to all”, he says.


Currently, Manaus has 12,426 registered nurses with the Regional Nursing Council (Coren-AM). Of this total, 1,124 work at Semsa units, in cooperation with nursing technicians, doctors, social workers, pharmacists, biochemists, Community Health Agents (CHA), dentists, and other health workers.

Since January 2021, Semsa has expanded its nurse staff by 11%, with the hiring of 116 new professionals. They were admitted through two Public Calls for Temporary Hiring, and through the Municipal Scholarship, Research and Extension Program for Education through Work, developed by the School of Public Health (ESAP/Semsa). In the ongoing public tender, 170 vacancies will be offered for nurses.

“In Primary Care, the nurse is the person who has the first contact with the population, who attends, who mediates conflicts, who articulates the specialized professional with the user, who makes this approach. In addition, he works at all levels of care, which also has medium complexity, in polyclinics, and high complexity, such as maternity and hospitals”, explains Aldeniza.


The Covid-19 pandemic changed the forms of interaction in the most diverse sectors of society, and it was no different with nursing professionals. Together with all health workers, they were on the front line of the fight against the pandemic, providing help to the population and advising on ways to defend themselves against the disease.

It was in this scenario of uncertainties that the Semsa Telehealth Program emerged, a monitoring and follow-up tool for confirmed and suspected cases of Covid-19. The service is now offered at a distance, due to the need for home isolation.

Nurse Edson Castro Júnior participated in the creation of this new work front at Semsa. For him, who already had 16 years of experience, the change in the way of contacting users in the pandemic was impactful, and left teachings that are applied to this day.

“When we started to carry out telemonitoring, we knew that the users served were in home isolation, and we had a duty to take all the health guidelines so that they could carry on with their lives, until the end of the pandemic. The entire multidisciplinary team met constantly to exchange experiences and develop methods to improve this service”, he says.

Edson recalls that, in the most critical periods of the pandemic, some patients asked nurses to continue making calls even after healing. This is because many were still living with the consequences of Covid, and they felt comfortable knowing that professionals continued to take care of their health situation.

“We monitored more than 85,000 people during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we had the fundamental help of students from Ufam (Federal University of Amazonas) and UEA (University of the State of Amazonas), many graduating in Nursing. Taking Telehealth to the entire city was an innovative work, and we saw in a new way the importance of caring, of recovering the patient for everyday living”, recalls the nurse.


Nurse Ayrton Perdigão, from the Áugias Gadelha Family Health Unit (USF), in the North zone, highlights that one of the greatest satisfactions of the profession is being able to contribute to the health of the community where he is inserted. With about 13 years of experience, he has worked in indigenous health and Primary Care, meeting the spontaneous demands of the population.

“In the case of prenatal care, for example, we are dealing with two lives, one of which is still being generated. The way nurses work directly influences the birth of this child, and we provide all the assistance so that this pregnant woman has a healthy delivery, and a healthy baby, who will continue to be accompanied by us”, he says, remembering that he was honored by a mother, who named her son Nurse Ayrton.

Nurse Ellen Palmeira Assunção, a rescuer at the Municipal Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu), says that she chose this profession because, since adolescence, she wanted to work in the health area, especially in assisting people.

“I can give all my dedication, respect and love to others, because nursing involves all this. I chose this profession because I like to be supportive, and caring for people is essential for the preservation of life. The importance that nursing has in my life also extends to all the people I’ve been able to help, including family and friends”, he points out.

Text – Victor Cruz / Semsa

Photograph – File / Semcom

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