Controversial Adidas ad banned for showing bare breasts with ‘diversity’ | Media and Marketing

Adidas was banned from running advertisements for its sports bras that featured pictures of bare breasts in the UK. The advertising agency said the images showed explicit nudity.

Images of the breasts of dozens of women of various skin colors, shapes and sizes in grid format appeared in a tweet and on two billboards.

The Advertising Standards Agency found that all of these versions may cause offense to the public. Adidas said the advertisements “show how diverse breasts are” and therefore how important the right sports bra is.

An Adidas UK spokesperson said the company is proud of the campaign and has continued to display the images on its website.

The tweet was posted in February with the words: “We believe that women’s breasts of all shapes and sizes deserve support and comfort. That’s why our new range of sports bras contains 43 styles, so everyone can find the right size.” for them”.

The two billboards showed similar images of more than 60 women with the words: “The reasons we didn’t just make a new sports bra.”

The UK advertising regulatory agency received 24 complaints that the use of nudity in the ad was gratuitous and objectified women by sexualizing them and “reducing them to body parts”.

Some people questioned whether the posters are appropriate to be displayed where there may be children. Twitter also said that the post was reported by some users, but that it did not violate its terms of use.

The regulatory agency said it did not consider that the women were portrayed in the tweet as being sexually explicit or treating them as objects. But he assessed that the tweet would likely be seen by users as explicit nudity and demanded special care in selecting the audience that can see the tweet.

The agency decided that the billboards were not suitable for use in untargeted media where they could be seen by children. Adidas UK said the images are intended to “reflect and celebrate different shapes and sizes, illustrate diversity and demonstrate why bespoke sports bras matter”.

They said the images were cropped to protect the models’ identity and ensure their safety, adding that all the models shown had volunteered to be in the ad and supported its goals.

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