Covid: North Korea announces first official cases of the disease

A health official sprays disinfectant as part of preventive measures against Covid-19, at the Daesong department store in Pyongyang, Sept. 27, 2021.

Credit, AFP

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In recent months, North Korean health workers have sprayed disinfectant in public places.

More than two years after the World Health Organization (WHO) classified covid-19 as a pandemic, North Korea ordered a strict national lockdown as it officially confirmed its first infections with the new coronavirus.

State media reported an outbreak of the omicron variant in the capital, Pyongyang, but did not report the number of cases.

North Korea has rejected any type of vaccine program, even when offered by other countries.

Instead, it controlled the covid by closing its borders – and never announced a case of the disease, despite experts believing that the virus has been present in the territory for a long time.

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