Driver faints at the wheel, car goes out of control and woman takes desperate action to help; watch

Big scare on the streets of Florida! A woman stopped traffic at a heavy intersection to help a female driver who fainted while driving. The security images were released by the local police, and are impressive for their agility and support from third parties. The case took place on May 5, in the city of Boynton Beach.

According to the corporation, the unidentified driver fainted while waiting for the light to turn green. A coworker was in another car, in the next lane, and watched the moment when her friend fell over the wheel. With the woman unconscious, the car drove diagonally across the intersection.

At that moment, the woman abandoned her vehicle and ran after her friend who had passed out. She screamed, waved and called for help. At least seven other people realized what was happening, and walked towards the out-of-control car. Everyone supported their weights and together they managed to avoid a great tragedy.

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People make a real task force to help an unconscious driver. (Photo: Playback/Youtube)

With the car already stopped, a third woman took an unidentified object from inside her vehicle and handed it to a man. The latter, in turn, broke the window and opened the passenger door. Then they applied the handbrake. Watch the video:

According to the New York Post, Florida police took the vehicle to a nearby convenience store and called 911 to help the woman who had passed out. Her health status was not disclosed.

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The corporation intends to identify the people appearing in the video to publicly honor them on Friday. “It really restores your faith in humanity. We wanted to get this video out and do something to honor these people.”he told the publication.

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