Konami records the most profitable year in its history

While players dream of a new metal gear or silent HillKonami’s strategy of focusing on pachinko and Yu-Gi-Oh! has proved to be quite profitable. The company this week revealed the financial results for the last fiscal year, announcing that it had the best year in its entire history.

Translating the information into numbers, the company’s operating profit jumped from 36.6 billion yen in fiscal 2021 to 74.4 billion in 2022, an increase of 103.6%. Excluding fees and only calculating profit, growth was 69.9% year-on-year. Putting it in reais, Konami had an income of around R$3 billion.

Konami’s main source of income today is its “digital entertainment” segment, which recorded a gross income of 215 billion in the last fiscal year. The company praised Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel as one of the main contributors to this income in the year, with the great success of the launch surpassing 30 million downloads in April.

But it was Konami’s Gaming & Systems segment that saw the biggest growth. Its income was just 25.6 billion yen, much lower than the digital entertainment segment, but the figure represents a 54% growth in the sector over last year, something the company celebrates. This is the segment responsible for pachinko machines.

Konami looks to the future with optimism, anticipating continued growth in its two segments for fiscal 2023, with a special focus on Gaming & Systems, which the company expects to grow a further 13.1% over the next year.

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