Man sells old safe and buyer finds R$ 126 thousand inside it

A man from California (USA) sold an old safe for US$ 97 (R$ 500 at the current price) and was surprised when the buyer found about US$ 24 thousand (R$ 126 thousand) inside it. James Labrecque even asked for the object back, but received a simple “no”.

Labrecque decided to sell the safe, as he did not have the combination to open it, so he considered it useless to continue with the object. He put it up for sale on eBay, according to the British newspaper Mirror.

The buyer, from the state of Tennessee (USA) took the safe to a welder and was amazed at the amount found there: about US$ 24,000, almost 257 times more than he paid.

After the case, James gave an interview to the Californian TV WMC-TV and admitted that he was wrong to not insist on opening the safe. “I made a mistake, you know, that’s what it boils down to, and it cost me dearly,” he said. “I shook it and didn’t feel anything inside it, so I thought, well, maybe it’s just a locked safe, you know. So I put it on eBay.”

Frightened by the bad luck, James asked for part of the money to compensate, but the answer was negative and the buyer claimed that he was the owner of the discovery, so he would not split the amount. “I said to my friend, ‘I won the ‘world’s stupidest’ award the other day, you know? I gave a safe with $26,000 in it.’

Labrecque described the lost amount as something that would change his life and even showed messages exchanged with the lucky person who took the safe. “What you get is what you get, no returns and no money back,” said the buyer, who, to top it off, gave James a good rating as a seller on eBay.

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