New: Google Maps Announces Immersive 3D Landscape View Feature


Image: Google/Reproduction

This Wednesday (11) during its annual developer conference, Google announced new products and features on its platforms. Google Maps, for example, gained a new visualization mode, which combines aerial photos and Street View to recreate cities in a virtual way.

The company announced that it is bringing a new 3D landscape tool. Named “Immersive View”, the feature will use artificial intelligence and its extensive library of images to build a three-dimensional model of the area.

Google’s goal is to give users the feeling of being there in person. In some cases, the company plans to include alternative versions of the site, for example at night, or even in different weather conditions.

“It’s something that we had previewed years ago, but it didn’t really work. Now, technology has come a long way to make it very natural,” said Liz Reid, vice president of engineering at Google.

Initially, the tool will only be rolled out to a few cities, such as San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. But, according to the company, it will soon be available globally, in addition to working on almost all devices.

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