Nursing day: what is the role of nurses in digital health?

This Thursday (12), International Nursing Day is celebrated, as it is the birthday of British Florence Nightingale, considered as the mother of the profession, for caring for wounded soldiers and training nurses in the 19th century. Since then, a lot has changed, and technology currently plays an unquestionable role in medicine and, in turn, in the field of nursing.

With regard to the care area, the nurse plays an essential role in the public and private health system. According to Ana Carolina Nascimento Raymundo, nurse at healthtech Nilo Saúde, there is a wide range of performance by these professionals in leadership positions in public or private management of hospital services, homecare units, emergency care, operators and health insurance companies and consultancies. .

These professionals have gained an important space in the world of digital health with the rise of tele-nursing, a method in which a specific population is monitored and educated, promoting self-care. According to the specialist, nurses can bring from the physical world to the digital, the ability to lead health teams.

In practice, the nurse organizes the service focused on delivering results for individuals and for the health system itself. The idea, in this case, is to “unburden” medical care and bring more satisfaction to health professionals and their patients, thus developing and improving public and private health services.

technology in nursing

Technology has been gaining ground in the fields of medicine and nursing (Image: vectorfusionart/envato)

According to NurseJournal, more than 95% of all hospitals in the US have adopted certified electronic medical record systems, a reflection that technology continues to change the field of nursing. This applies to portable monitors, for example, which display vital signs data such as heart rate and oxygen levels and alert nurses if a patient needs urgent attention, which significantly reduces response times.

Smart intravenous pumps are also a great ally for nursing today, as they allow for a more precise and efficient administration of medication, defining how much each patient should receive and issuing alerts about low levels or any negative reaction to the substance, facilitating part of the work of nurses.

Source: With information from NurseJournal

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