Prosecutor executed on the beach served in the prison of Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, 45, responsible for investigations involving organized crime, including the PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital), was shot dead on a beach in Cartagena, Colombia, last Tuesday ( 10).

According to local police, two killers arrived on a jet ski and, from the water, shot at the prosecutor. He and his pregnant wife were on their honeymoon — they were married on April 30 this year.

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Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci

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Marcelo Pecci acted in the case of the arrest of former player Ronaldinho Gaúcho, in Paraguay, in 2020.

At the time, Ronaldinho and his brother Assis arrived in the country for appointments and business. According to investigations carried out by the Paraguayan Justice, the airport agents would have identified irregularities since his arrival at the place, but preferred not to approach the player due to the large number of fans who went to the airport.

A few days later, R10 and his brother were called by the court to explain themselves. The investigations indicated that they could be involved in a large Paraguayan illegal document scheme and that, therefore, the “witch” and Assis should remain in prison in the country so as not to interfere with the investigations.

The victim worked in the border region between Paraguay and Mato Grosso do Sul. The most emblematic case followed by the prosecutor was the massacre, in October of last year, in Pedro Juan Caballero. One of the victims was Haylee Caroliona Acezedo Yunis, 22, daughter of the governor of Amambay, Paraguay, Ronald Acevedo.

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