Putin and Scholz talk about peace talks in Ukraine | Ukraine and Russia

Putin told Scholz that progress in negotiations on ending the conflict was “essentially blocked by Kiev” but that Russia and Germany were continuing negotiations at various levels.

On the other hand, the German government leader said he made it clear to Putin what Russia’s responsibility was in the face of the food crisis around the world.

Scholz also said that a ceasefire in Ukraine was needed as soon as possible.

“A truce was necessary to improve the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and allow progress to be made in finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict,” the German government spokesman said.

According to him, the call took 75 minutes.

According to information from Reuters, the leaders of Europe and the world are worried about a possible increase in the price of food around the globe because Ukrainian grains are not being distributed to the buying countries.

Due to its proximity, Ukraine often sells many commodities to other countries on its continent. With the Russian invasion, some highly productive cities in the agricultural sector are besieged or dominated by Russian troops.

This generates an increase in the price of certain foods in the old continent until a viable solution is found.

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