See the symptoms of norovirus, which is spreading in Bahia

Salvador, capital of Bahia, has recorded a wave of norovirus cases in recent weeks. The highly contagious pathogen has had at least 15 positive diagnoses since the last week of April.

The genetic sequencing was carried out by the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), according to the institution, transmission occurs when ingesting food prepared and contaminated by the hands of someone infected, or taking a contaminated hand to the mouth. In addition, contact with the saliva of an infected person can also transmit the disease.


“Norovirus is a highly infectious virus. It passes from person to person through physical contact, hands, contaminated food, contaminated water, vomiting inside the house of a sick person”, explains Gúbio Soares, a virologist at UFBA, to Agência Brasil.

Main symptoms of norovirus

Symptoms of the disease appear about 48 hours after infection and last for approximately three days. The main ones are: diarrhea, high fever, stomach pain and body pain. “The sick person will release a large amount of virus. As it is highly infectious, it will infect people around it, this will multiply and can generate a large outbreak in Salvador, as was the case in the past”, adds Gúbio.

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In case of symptoms, it is important to seek medical help. “Everyone has heard that when the winter period arrives, they get more flu, they get sicker, so this is natural to happen during this period. We’re not experiencing a norovirus outbreak, people don’t have to worry about that. Of course, we will have flu cases, there is a greater demand for care”, concludes the specialist.

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