Starfield: Here’s What Todd Howard Said About the Release Date

It’s worth rereading what Todd Howard, one of Bethesda’s bosses, said less than a year ago about Starfield’s release date, to understand that sometimes it would be better to make certain statements, especially in an environment like that of video games where slowdowns and development problems are very likely.

The two most relevant, however, are an interview with the Washington Post and another with In the first, he said a phrase that can be interpreted in several ways: “We are confident about this date, otherwise we would not have announced it. “, and that already opens up uncertainties with the word “trust”.

The most discussed on the net in these last few hours, however, is the extrapolated sentence from the IGN interview, which will likely become proverbial: “The release date is written in ink, not pencil” .

In fact, she has aged very badly and we speak of her more precisely because he showed enormous confidence. It is now clear that a delay is not drama and that for projects like Starfield it is better to delay the release than risk releasing an unfinished product. However, certain statements could be avoided, especially by prominent executives.

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