War in Ukraine: How Russia is changing Kherson, 1st city taken in conflict

Photograph shows protesters with Ukrainian flags protesting in front of a tank
photo caption,

Pro-Ukraine activists in front of Russian soldiers during a demonstration in Kherson

Moscow-imposed authorities in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson – the first captured by Russian troops during the invasion – intend to ask President Vladimir Putin to formally annex the region to Russian territory.

The Kremlin responded that locals will have to decide their fate – which seems to confirm Ukraine’s warning that Russia may be planning to hold a referendum in the city, which Kiev considers a farce and an illegal act.

Russia is already introducing its currency, media and internet services to Kherson and other parts of Ukraine occupied by the Russian army.

Why did Russia focus on Kherson?

Russian forces occupied Kherson in early March, a week after the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

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