WhatsApp will allow you to filter ‘unread’ conversations

Another novelty may be released soon by Whatsapp. It turns out that the application must allow application users to filter which conversations they want to appear on the messenger’s home screen. Therefore, it would be possible to view only the chats that have not been read.

At first, the information was shared by the specialized website WABetaInfo. The platform has identified an update to a beta (i.e. testing) version of the app.

In addition to filtering conversations that have not yet been read by users, the Whatsapp I would still be interested in making changes to three more tools in the application: contact conversations, non-contact conversations, and groups.

Finally, it is important to remember that the chat filter feature is already used in WhatsApp Business, the business version of the messenger.

Now, with the expansion, any Android and iOS phone, in addition to the desktop, could enjoy filtering, with small differences compared to the same tool in Business.

For now, there is no prediction of when the novelty should be officially released.

WhatsApp plans to launch polls in group chats

THE Whatsapp intends to include new updates in its application to better serve its users. Among the possibilities, the company is already testing the use of polls in the beta version for iOS.

The news was announced by the specialized website, WABetaInfo, through the publication of some photos taken by a user of Whatsapp beta. Given this, it is worth emphasizing that the feature is still in the testing phase.

Considering the usefulness of the new feature, it will mainly help users of the Whatsapp Business. This is because it will be possible to obtain information from your customers through the questions prepared with the tool, among other options.

So far, no specific date for the release of the new feature has been released. However, considering that it is already in the testing phase in the beta version of the messenger, it is possible that the update will soon take effect. The tests serve to identify possible errors and failures so that they can be repaired.

However, it is worth noting that the novelty of polls is still limited to the iOS beta version of Whatsapp. However, it should be released for the Android app as well. As for the tool, you can include up to 12 questions for answers and organize as best you can.

It should be noted that these polls must be applied or used in WhatsApp groups. Thus, in order to be able to send the questionnaire, it is necessary to participate in a certain group on the messaging platform.

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