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Baelyn is a 2 year old girl from South Dakota, United States. She led a normal, healthy life for a child her age until, one day, she woke up with allergy marks on her skin. Her parents took her to a pediatrician, who medicated her, kept her under observation for a while, and then released her, as apparently everything was normal. The next day, however, the girl woke up with yellow eyes. “I called the doctor and he told us to go to the hospital,” her mother Kelsea Schwab said in an interview with CNN. A mysterious illness and a real battle for life had begun.

+ Hepatitis Outbreak: Ministry of Health monitors 28 suspected cases of the disease

Baelyn needed a liver transplant after contracting severe hepatitis.

Baelyn needed a liver transplant after contracting severe hepatitis.

Kelsea explained that Baelyn was diagnosed with severe hepatitis. The number of cases in children now exceeds 450 worldwide, with the majority in the United Kingdom and the United States. According to the CDC, there have been more than 100 cases in the United States.

From there, everything evolved very quickly. “She started to shake, became weak, couldn’t hold her head up. It was hard to watch her go through that. It didn’t feel like she was my daughter,” her mother reports. In a matter of days, doctors said only a liver transplant could save her. She got in line, waiting for a matched donor, who showed up two weeks after the onset of symptoms.

In a delicate and challenging surgery, which took 7 hours, Baelyn received the liver of a 16-year-old and then slowly began to recover. “She started playing, talking a little more, asking for food and juice…” Kelsea said.

The wave of acute hepatitis, which leads to the need for transplants and even deaths, especially in children up to 12 years old, remains a mystery to specialists. It is not yet known whether the infection is related to covid-19, adenovirus or some other agent. Notifications continue to increase and spread, causing concern for parents and experts, who pore over the topic, trying to find answers.

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