British court rules calling man ‘bald’ is sexual harassment; understand

British court rules man called bald was the victim of sexual harassment

British court rules man called bald was the victim of sexual harassment

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The Labor Court in London, England, ruled that a Briton called a “bald asshole” by his superior was sexually harassed. According The globe, the judges understood the official’s baldness statement to be equivalent to a comment about the size of a woman’s breasts. The decision is from last Wednesday, 11.

The victim, electrician Tony Finn, reportedly worked at the British Bung Company, located in West Yorkshire, for more than 20 years. But the professional was fired in May 2021 and reported to Justice that he suffered sexual harassment after arguing with the factory supervisor, Jamie King.

The victim reported an offense said by the boss in July 2019 and the magistrates had to assess whether the insult was really sexual harassment.

The judges stated that the superior referred to Finn in a derogatory and unwanted way and went too far with the comment about the employee’s appearance.

The company’s defense stated that the case was not sexual harassment. But, the magistrates opposed the claim, defending the thesis that baldness is much more prevalent in men than in women and therefore the offense was “inherently related to the sex of the victim”.

The court also recalled a 1995 ruling on comments about a woman’s appearance. In the case, the court ruled that the victim was sexually discriminated against by a manager who made comments about the size of her breasts.

According The globein addition to sexual harassment, the sentence determines that the victim receives labor compensation for unfair and abusive dismissal.

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