Corps of prosecutor murdered in Colombia to arrive in Paraguay this Saturday

Colombian and Paraguayan authorities carried out the last procedures for transferring the body of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci this Friday morning (13), at Rafael Núñez International Airport, in Cartagena, Colombia. The arrival of the remains of the Public Prosecutor’s Office is scheduled for the early hours of Saturday (14).

The details of the burial have not yet been released by the relatives of Marcelo Pecci, who was murdered last Tuesday (10) on the Barú peninsula, in the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias. He was shot three times by two alleged assassins when he was on his honeymoon with his wife, Claudia Aguilera, on a private beach at the Decameron hotel.

This Friday, in the afternoon, a march called by the Association of Tax Agents of Paraguay is scheduled. The act is a tribute to the murdered colleague and also a protest for better working conditions for those who work against criminal organizations and also so that the case does not go unpunished.

According to information from Rádio Monumental, the promoter Belinda Bodadilla, vice president of the Association of Promoters, stressed that the moment is one of mourning, but also of making it clear to the Federal Government authorities that Marcelo Pecci’s death does not go unpunished and represents a milestone regarding the procedures to be adopted from now on.

list of suspects

Among the names investigated by prosecutor Marcelo Pecci is the Brazilian of Lebanese origin, Kassem Mohamad Hijazi. He heads a list of people who may have a direct connection to the execution.

In the investigations carried out on Wednesday (11), agents of the National Police of Paraguay carried out inspections in Paraguayan penitentiaries, such as Emboscada and Tacumbú. In addition to Kassem Mohamad Hijazi, two other names are also on the list of investigators following the case.

The Brazilian is in the process of being extradited to the United States, where he is wanted for crimes related to money laundering for the financing of terrorism. He was arrested in Ciudad del Este and prosecutor Pecci played an active role in this, according to agents of the National Police and the Public Ministry.

At the Emboscada Penitentiary, they arrived at the cell of Colombian Marcelo Raymond Díaz Vélez, who was arrested with more than 400 kilos of cocaine in Presidente Hayes in 2019. The drug came from Bolivia and the prosecutor was also in charge of the case.

The place of detention of Waldemar Pereira Rivas, commonly known as Cachorrão, was another target for the Paraguayan police. He is under arrest for the murder of journalist Leo Veras, which took place in Pedro Juan Caballero.

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