Discover the dangers of a lack of vitamin D in the body and which are the best sources of this nutrient

Montes Claros, May 13, 2022, by Élia Meireles – Vitamin replacement is certainly one of the most important actions in relation to the body itself. Especially when it comes to lack of D vitamin, this question is essential. After all, this seemingly simple element is responsible for more than 85 body functions.

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When thinking about the benefits of this substance, the lack of vitamin D also needs to be observed. After all, what can the absence of this element in the body bring as harm? Well, the truth is that there are many problems that result from this deficiency. For this reason, in addition to understanding the risks of lacking this vitamin, it is important to know where to find it.

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Risks of vitamin D deficiency

As we have already said, the lack of vitamin D in the body can bring some risks. According to R7, in an article by Cleide Oliveira, of November 8, 2021, this substance is a crucial item in maintaining health. It is even one of the elements that prevent issues such as depression and other diseases. And, some of these risks are gathered here today, at AgroNews.

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Vitamin D - Canva Reproduction
Vitamin D – Reproduction Canva

Although it does not present a specific characteristic in the absence of the substance, there are many risks of the deficit. In children, for example, insufficiency of this vitamin can stunt growth, bow their legs, widen the ends of their leg and arm bones, delay the birth of teeth or anticipate the occurrence of cavities.

Meanwhile, adults have osteoporosis and other bone problems more attracted. In addition, the lack of vitamin D can cause muscle pain and spasms, feeling of fatigue, malaise, among other problems. In turn, optimal supplementation can ward off these problems and help prevent the onset of problems such as depression and even some types of cancers.

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Top foods with vitamin D

The good news is that it is possible to find ways to supply the body with vitamin D. And, as you may already know, exposure to the sun’s rays is one of these forms of care. However, this is not the only tool we can use. After all, some foods are also good sources of this substance.

In this way, in addition to the sun’s rays, it is possible to avoid lack of D vitamin in the body from certain foods. As an example of this are meats, fish, seafood, which are very rich in this substance. However, those who do not eat meat can also find it in foods such as eggs, milk, cheeses and mushrooms.

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