Dog saying goodbye to owner during wake breaks the heart of the internet

Saying goodbye to the ones we love is never easy, but for dogs who don’t understand death very well, losing their best friend must be excruciating. In this story, you will meet Zeus, a dog that went viral this week, in a video where he says goodbye to his owner.

The video, posted on TikTok, quickly went viral, showing how pets are faithful and have feelings. The case took place in Mexico, and the heartbreaking images show the pet next to the coffin, during the wake of his beloved friend.

Zeus, a pit bull, lives in the city of Juárez, in northern Mexico. According to, the family wanted the animal to be present at the woman’s funeral so they could say goodbye to her. At all times, the dog did not leave the place, walking among family members and around the coffin.

“There’s grandma, see?”, says one of the grandchildren while Zeus, standing on his hind legs, looks at the woman, leaning on the coffin. The dog’s careful and respectful behavior, which seems to know exactly what happened, touched the hearts of many.

The dog bobs, raises and lowers its ears whenever someone mentions its owner. Fortunately, the pit bull can say goodbye to his owner, along with his family. So we know he won’t be alone.

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