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Scene from the movie, Friday the 13th
The fear of Friday the 13th has already inspired horror movie plots (photo: Paramount/Disclosure)

At least once a year, Friday falls on the 13th and causes some discomfort in superstitious people. Around the world, there are those who strongly believe that the date is synonymous with bad luck. Many people decide to reschedule important exams and meetings out of fear of bad luck.

In the United States, the fear of Friday the 13th can affect up to 21 million individuals, which represents approximately 5% of the American population, according to research carried out by the Stress Management Center and the Phobia Institute (USA).

The fear is so great that it is estimated that up to $900 million is lost annually because of the date. Many people simply avoid closing deals or even decide not to get out of bed for the day.

But do you know why the number 13 is considered unlucky? There are some theories for the case.

A Norse myth tells that 12 gods had arranged a dinner in Valhalla, present-day Germany. Loki the trickster crashes in as the 13th guest and causes a murder. From then on, 13 would have been associated with bad luck.

The deck of the game of tar consists of 78 cards. And card number 13 is just the Death card, but it rarely really refers to physical death. In the game of shells, 13 is also considered a worrying number. Many interpret it as illness and death, among other meanings.

Some scholars believe that the novel “Friday, the Thirteenth” (translated to: Friday the 13th), written by TW Lawson, is one of the reasons for such fear. In the novel published in 1907, an unscrupulous stockbroker takes advantage of superstition to create panic on Wall Street on Friday the 13th.

The most religious believe that Friday is bad luck because it was the day of the week that Jesus was crucified. The Last Supper, a canvas by Leonardo da Vinci, depicts 13 people at the table. According to the New Testament, thirteen people were in the upper room on the 13th of the Jewish month Nissan.

According to Denny Heide, from Meu Astro website, the main problem of Friday the 13th is the power of belief. “When someone believes in something negative, it creates a complex state of mind, which can generate fear and anxiety, highly destructive emotions and that – yes – open the doors for the entry of negative energies”.

To avoid being paralyzed by the fear of Friday the 13th, Denny recommends doing some positive rituals to ask for peace of mind and release from date fears.

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