G7 will never recognize borders that Russia wants to forcefully change | Ukraine and Russia

The G7 “will never recognize” the borders that Russia wants to forcefully impose in its war in Ukraine, said on Saturday (14) the foreign ministers of the G7, which brings together the seven richest nations on the planet.

We will never recognize the borders that Russia tries to change with its military intervention,” the ministers said in a statement released after the meeting in Wangels, northern Germany.

We will maintain our commitment to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraineincluding Crimea“, adds the note.

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German diplomats Annalena Baerbock, whose country assumes the G7 presidency this year, insisted that Ukraine must “decide on your own” on the subject “because it’s your territory”.

“We will support the measures (…) that Ukraine will adopt to guarantee freedom and peace in the country,” he declared during a press conference at the end of the meeting.

The G7 statement was issued at a time of intensifying fighting in the Donbass (east) region, partially controlled since 2014 by pro-Moscow separatists and where Russia has been concentrating the offensive for a few weeks, but without making any significant progress.

The ministers again called on Russia to “end the war that started without provocation (by Ukraine) and the tragic suffering and loss of human life it continues to provoke”.

They also called on Belarus to “stop facilitating Russian intervention and respect its international commitments.”

The seven countries (Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom) also condemned “the irresponsible threats of the use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons” by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The G7 pledged to “extend economic sanctions” against Moscow for its invasion of Ukrainian territory to “sectors on which Russia is particularly dependent” and urged the Chinese government “not to undermine” the punitive measures.

“We urge China not to help Russia in its war of aggression against Ukraine, not to undermine the sanctions imposed on Russia for its attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, not to justify Russia’s action in Ukraine and that renounce information manipulation, disinformation and other measures to legitimize Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine,” the final statement said.

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