Health workers in Natal decide to suspend strike after a month of stoppage | large northern river

According to Sindsaúde, which represents the category, the decision took place during an assembly held in the morning, where professionals considered “advances in negotiation”.

The extraordinary assembly took place in front of the City Council, where the new proposal by the Natal City Hall and the possible judicialization of the movement were evaluated.

According to Sindsaúde, however, a state of strike remains, to observe compliance with the points agreed in the new proposal.

“If the management does not comply with the agreement, especially with regard to the first meeting of the health commission to discuss the guidelines, in the first half of June, health will stop again”, the entity said in a note.

Among the main points proposed by the city for the category are:

  • Updated salary table – Auxiliary Health Group, at 69.66%; Health Assistant, in 62.97%; Health Technician, in 24.77% and Health Specialist, in 9%;
  • Professionals in the Health Assistant group who hold a diploma or certificate issued by a technical course will receive their salaries in accordance with the Health Technician table.
  • Formation of a permanent commission with a representative of each union: Sindsaúde/RN, Sindern, Soern and Sinfarn, in addition to municipal secretariats, as well as the City Council through the Health Commission and the Human Rights and Work Commission, to deal with the implementation and retroactive payment of bonuses, unhealthy work premiums, night shifts, five-year updates, functional progressions and review of the position, career and salary plan, with the first meeting scheduled for the first half of June.

The unified health strike in Natal lasted a month and two days. In the period, health services were paralyzed and the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu), for example, operated with only half of the ambulances.

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