Man sells safe for BRL 500 and buyer finds BRL 126,000 in it

Without having the correct combination to open a safe he owned, American James Labrecque, a resident of California, decided to sell the object on eBay. The value obtained in the sale was US$ 97 (equivalent to R$ 500), but when the buyer was able to access the content that was protected, came across an amount 257 times greater than spent on trading.

They were kept inside the safe that Labrecque sold about US$ 24 thousand (R$ 126 thousand), an amount in which the man had no idea was present in the object. After becoming aware of the fact, he even tried to undo the sale, but he heard “no” as an answer.

The buyer also did not know the correct combination to open the safe, however, after having purchased the product from Labrecque, the Tennessee resident decided to take his acquisition to a welder. When the safe was finally opened, he was surprised at what a great deal he had made.

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James admitted, in an interview with a local television station, that regretted not having insisted when trying to open the safe. He explained that he believed he had nothing inside him as he had already shaken the object. “I didn’t feel anything inside it, so I thought, well, maybe it’s just a locked safe. So I put it on eBay,” he told WMC-TV.

The man even tried to sensitize the lucky man, claiming that he deserved a part of the amount found in the form of compensation, however the buyer claimed that he was the owner of the discovery and, because of that, saw no reason to share or share the “prize” to James. “What you get is what you get, no returns and no money back,” pondered the buyer.

“I said to my friend: I won the world’s stupidest award the other day, you know? I gave a safe with $24,000 in it,” he joked. After the fact, James was highly rated on the sales site by the buyer.

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