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Unstable weather, temperature change and lower immunity. The three factors together certainly result in respiratory diseases. This has caused an increase in the number of visits to public and private hospitals and children are the most affected.

In the public network, especially in the Children’s Emergency Room, in March, 6,884 children were assisted. In April, in the transition from summer to autumn, attendances rose to 8,133 – an increase of 18%.

At the Hospital Regional de Franca, there was an increase of 26.82% from March to April in child care for respiratory syndrome. Unimed, another private hospital in the city, did not provide the data.

The epidemiologist of Health Surveillance, Homero Rosa, says that every year there is an increase in respiratory diseases this season.

“We are at a time of great uncertainty regarding respiratory diseases, but knowing that they are much more prevalent this season, because there is a big climatic shock in leaving summer and going straight to autumn, it is a perfect combination to have a great transmission of respiratory diseases. diseases, and that a little helped by the return to school, which helps to spread a lot.”

The doctor also warned that hydration is essential to mitigate the high incidence of these diseases. “We need to hydrate our body a lot, both internally and externally. Externally using a humidifier frequently or wet towels, for example, and internally by always drinking water. Influenza vaccines and vaccines against bacteria also help a lot”, oriented Homero.

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