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WhatsApp has announced so many new features in the last few weeks that you may not have noticed them all.

THE g1 gathers here those that are already available to users — remembering that they arrive little by little / remembering that they are gradually released to users.” And it’s important to remember: To use the new features, the application must always be updated (learn how to update on iPhone and Android at the end of the report).

The changes were as follows:

WhatsApp starts releasing emoji reactions for users

WhatsApp starts releasing emoji reactions for users

Since the last 6th, Whstasapp has released a pack with six reaction emojis for in-app messages. It’s them: 👍❤️😂😮😢🙏. According to the app, the idea is to make users save time during conversations and make interactions more fun.

Updates will be available to users from versions 2.22.9 of iOS and 2.22.8 of Android.

To get access to the new feature, you need to update the app.

2 – Bug fix that opened wrong conversations on iPhone

WhatsApp bug irritates users — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

In the last week of April, WhatsApp fixed a bug that caused a lot of confusion among iPhone users.

A bug in the app for the iOS operating system would direct the user to the conversation below whenever a contact was selected. In addition, it left an empty space between one chat and another in the list.

The bug was commented on social networks since the 19th. It was resolved in the 9.22.76 of WhatsApp, which is now available to all users, according to the company.

To ensure that the problem has actually been fixed, you need to update the application.

3 – Calls in groups of up to 32 people

WhatsApp allows voice calls with up to 32 people. — Photo: Disclosure

WhatsApp has released a new limit for in-app voice calls. Now users can make group calls with up to 32 people at the same time.

The novelty came in an app update for iOS and Android. Until then, the maximum capacity for in-app voice calls was eight participants..

WhatsApp has also changed the look of calls to make it easier for multiple people to chat. The feature is available from version 22.8.80 of iOS (for iPhone) and on Android.

Before, the company had already announced new features to facilitate the exchange of voice messages on WhatsApp, such as the option to listen to messages outside the conversation window and speed up the speed and audio.

Check out the steps to start a call with up to 32 people in the app:

  • Click the “Calls” button at the bottom of the application;
  • At the top of the screen, select the phone icon, with a “+” (plus) sign next to it;
  • Choose the option “New group call” and add the contacts;
  • Select the phone icon to initiate the call.

It is still possible to initiate a voice call directly from groups. In that case, just click on the phone icon and select the people you want to talk to.

Important detail: it is only possible to add numbers to a voice chat that are already saved in the address book.

4 – Message forwarding limitation

Notice of frequently forwarded message on WhatsApp — Photo: Reproduction

WhatsApp will further limit the number of recipients of messages forwarded to groups. A message that has been forwarded can only be forwarded to one group at a time within the app.

Previously, it was possible for this content to be relayed to up to five contacts or groups at the same time.

The decision aims to “significantly reduce the spread of misinformation that could be harmful in groups”, explains the platform.

  • A person could forward a message they created to up to five contacts or groups at a time.
  • Each person who received such a message could forward it to up to five more contacts or groups at once.
  • A WhatsApp user can still forward the same message he created to up to five contacts or groups at a time.
  • But the forwarding of this information by the people who received it is restricted to just one more group at a time.

In both cases, users can repeat the forwarding procedure as many times as they like.

WhatsApp further explains that messages forwarded in a row to five or more conversations are flagged with a double arrow icon and the “Frequently forwarded” label.

For this type of message, the distribution rule in only one group at a time has been in effect since 2020. At the time, the company took measures to avoid sharing false information amid the new coronavirus pandemic.

5 – Resources postponed to Brazil

On the last 5th, Whatsapp announced that it had increased the limit of participants in groups from 256 to 512. The change, however, will only be implemented in Brazil after the next elections.

According to WhatsApp, the new limit for groups will be implemented later in Brazil due to its long-term strategy for the country.

Announced in April, the Whatsapp communitiesa feature that aggregates different groups into a shared space for admins to reach thousands of people at once, will also arrive in the country only after the elections.

What is WhatsApp Communities

What is WhatsApp Communities

How to update the Whatsapp on iPhone:

  • Go to the App Store and search for WhatsApp;
  • On the application page, see if the blue button next to the icon has the “Update” option;
  • Click “Update” and wait for the download;
  • WhatsApp will restart and will be up to date.

Important: if the blue button has the message “Open” it means that your app already has the most current version available. In this case, you need to check again after a few minutes.

If the problem continues, you can contact the WhatsApp team to report the bug.

  • On mobile, go to “Settings” and then “Help”;
  • Then select “Contact Us” to report the bug;
  • After filling in the fields and describing the problem, click “Next”.

Important: if the green button brings the message “Open” it means that your app already has the most current version. In this case, you need to check again if the update will be available after a few minutes.

Check the WhatsApp version in the iPhone app store — Photo: Playback

How to update the Whatsapp on Android:

  • Go to the Play Store and search for WhatsApp;
  • On the app page, see if there is a green button with the title “Update”;
  • Click “Update” and wait for the download;
  • WhatsApp will restart and will be up to date

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