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Of still unknown origin, this outbreak puts the whole world on alert, as it is a disease that in some cases can lead to death within 72 hours. Contrary to what some may think, this outbreak is not related to vaccines, so much so that the first confirmed cases were in unvaccinated children.

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Looking at absolute numbers, it seems to be few cases, but as we are dealing with children, in which this is a very rare condition, the numbers are worrying.

What is hepatitis?

Hepatitis is transmitted by a virus, which has the same name as the disease. Its main classifications are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and there are also Hepatitis D and E. As the origin is not known or how much it has spread, and because it is a virus, we must be on the alert.

We recently experienced the Covid-19 pandemic in which we had the experience of how a virus can spread quickly, so be careful!

Main symptoms of hepatitis in children

The World Health Organization (WHO) released the most common symptoms observed, which are related to the digestive system, which can be: stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea. A strong indication that something is wrong with our body is fever, but in these first cases it was not reported as a symptom.

It is worth noting that some symptoms of hepatitis can be confused with viral gastroenteritis, so parents should be aware of the symptom commonly associated with hepatitis such as “yellow discoloration of the skin and whites of the eyes”, both signs of jaundice.

Jaundice is an indication that something is wrong with the liver, and a doctor should be seen immediately.

Another symptom that may indicate hepatitis is dark urine. Also, there may be loss of appetite and whitening of stools.

As stated above, neither the origin nor the cause is known, but experts suspect that the infections may be caused by an adenovirus. Adenoviruses are very common and cause respiratory, gastrointestinal, among others, there are more than 50 types of diseases that adenovirus can cause.

There is no specific recommendation for prevention, but because it is a virus, the care that were applied for the prevention of Covid-19 should be applied, such as washing your hands well, washing the airways, not sharing personal objects. .

As it is very recent, the WHO still does not have enough data to classify how serious this outbreak could be. The recommendation is to seek medical attention if any of the symptoms mentioned above are noticed.

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