Ukraine Justice Begins War Crime Trial; Russian soldier is heard | Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine’s first war crime trial since the Russian invasion began on Friday afternoon. A Ukrainian court tries a Russian soldier captured and accused of shooting a civilian.

In the first session, the defendant himself and witnesses of the episode are being heard. The accused soldier, Vadim Shishimarin, is 21 years old and confirmed he was in Ukraine fighting for Russian troops, but was not yet asked if he confirms that he shot a civilian.

According to the complaint from the Ukrainian Attorney General’s Office, Shishimarin shot from a car at a 62-year-old Ukrainian who was walking on a street in the village of Chupakhivka, on the outskirts of Kiev, on February 28, just four days after the start of the Russian invasion. in Ukraine. If convicted, he could face life imprisonment.

Also according to the indictment, the soldier and three other Russian soldiers who accompanied him stole the vehicle they were in from another civilian to flee from Ukrainian troops. On the way, they passed the victim, who was riding a bicycle and talking on the phone..

Shishimarin was later captured by Ukrainian troops.

Russian soldier to be tried for war crime in Kiev

Russian soldier to be tried for war crime in Kiev

“The wheels of justice have begun to turn, and this process will sow results,” Ukraine’s attorney general, Iryna Venediktova, said of the trial.

The next session of the trial will take place next week, when Shishimarin will be heard about the crime he is accused of.

A 21-year-old Russian soldier during the first trial for war crimes against Russia, in which he is a defendant, on May 13, 2022 (Photo: Viacheslav Ratynskyi/ Reuters

The case is the first of at least 10,000 suspected war crimes that Ukraine said it has identified since Russia’s attacks on the country began.

On Thursday (12), the United Nations Human Rights Council approved the opening of an investigation into suspected violations committed by Russian troops in Ukraine. On the same day, Russian soldiers were caught on camera shooting in the back of Ukrainian civilians walking on the street and died.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said there are numerous examples of suspected cases of war crimes and that, so far, UN envoys have found nearly 1,000 bodies on the outskirts of Kiev.

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