Woman becomes unrecognizable after cosmetic procedure has disastrous results

A cosmetic procedure on the eyebrows, which aimed to make them look more harmonious, became the worst nightmare for Crystal Weinstock, a 37-year-old American.

The resident of Houston, Texas, underwent microblading, which is a semi-permanent technique for filling in the wires.

In an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mail, the woman told about the disappointment she suffered and the reaction her little daughter had when she saw the disastrous result of her eyebrows.

“Never in a million years could I have imagined an outcome like this. It was horrible! When my 3-year-old saw my new eyebrows, she freaked out,” she said.

North American will have losses now to be able to reverse the situation. (Photo: Reproduction)

The American said that she decided to carry out the procedure to achieve the desired appearance in the wires with greater agility. So, she went to a beauty salon near where she lives and paid $340 for microblading which is equivalent to R$1,740.

“As a busy mom, I’ve found that filling in my brows and making sure they’re the right shape takes a long time. That’s why I thought that doing a microblading“, explained.

Scared of the result, Crystal lamented, “I asked for full brows, not huge ones.”

Now, what was supposed to be a quick fix turned out to be a big loss, as she will need to undergo a few laser sessions to remove the procedure and be able to return to the original shape of her eyebrows.

“I didn’t think it would be so bad and take so much work,” he concluded.


Typically, the procedure can last from eight months to a year. When compared to micropigmentation, the microblading technique is more invasive and has a shorter duration, but the results are usually more natural.

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