Woman is indicted for calling an employee a ‘creole’ and biting a nurse at a health center in RS; VIDEO | Rio Grande do Sul

The Civil Police indicted a woman for racial slur and bodily injury after she had assaulted a nurse and made racial offenses against an employee of a health center in downtown Porto Alegre. The crimes were committed last Monday (9).

The g1 sought the patient’s defense, but did not receive a response until the last update of this report.

The aggressor was arrested in the act by the Military Brigade (BM), but was later released. With the indictment, the case was referred to the Judiciary for analysis by the Public Ministry (MP).

“She was arrested in flagrante delicto and indicted for bodily harm and racial slur”, says delegate Paulo Cesar Jardim.

According to the police report filed with the Civil Police, the woman would have called the employee of the Santa Marta health unit a “creole”. After, assaulted a nurse with punches to the face and a bite on one of the hands.

In a video recorded at the health center, it is possible to hear the woman mocking the offenses and disdaining the possibility of being arrested.

“Are you white, girl? You’re black, I’m just telling the truth. What do you want me to call Snow White?”, says the woman.

According to the incident report to which G1 had access and reports from a person who was at the scene, the woman would have been irritated by the waiting time for an appointment and invaded the room of one of the nurses – who was caring for a six-year-old baby. months. After explaining that the patient would be the next to be called, the nurse was reportedly pushed twice.

Then, while trying to contain the patient, the nurse was allegedly hit with a punch to the face and a bite to the hand, as well as kicks and slaps. Afterwards, the incident report reports that another employee of the health center was called a “creole” by the patient.

In a note, the Municipal Health Department (SMS) states that it has registered a notification of work-related accidents and violence, as well as a police report. The employee was referred for follow-up at the Municipal Server Health Management (GSSM), which takes care of the health of City Hall employees. SMS still repudiates the act and claims that it is supporting the physically assaulted professional, who was removed from her duties.

The Regional Nursing Council of RS (Coren-RS) also repudiated the episode in a note and said that it will require the SMS to “adopt safety measures so that nursing professionals can fully act”.

According to the report, a nurse was bitten on her right hand – Photo: Personal archive

Note from the Municipal Health Department (SMS) of Porto Alegre

Last Monday, 9th, two nurses from the Santa Marta Health Center were the target of physical aggression by a user of the service. The professional suffered injuries to her arm and face. Immediately, the coordination of the service activated the Military Brigade. The user was arrested in flagrante delicto and referred to the mental health care network of the municipality.

In view of the case, the Municipal Health Department registered a notification of an accident at work and violence and also a police report. The employee was referred for follow-up at the Municipal Server Health Management (GSSM), which takes care of the health of City Hall employees.

The Municipal Health Department repudiates any form of violence, and is giving all the necessary support to the professional who has been attacked. She was temporarily removed from activities. Psychological care was also offered.

It is worth mentioning that the Municipal Health Department has followed, since 2016, the measures recommended by the Safer Access Program, whose objective is to develop methodologies and protocols for action in order to reduce the exposure of workers and equipment to violence. Employees receive training periodically.

Note from the Regional Nursing Council of RS (Coren-RS)

This May 12th, Nurses’ Day, instead of just celebrating, the Regional Nursing Council of Rio Grande do Sul (Coren-RS) has to go public to express its absolute repudiation of aggressions committed against two nurses at the Basic Health Unit (UBS) Santa Marta, in Porto Alegre, by a user, on May 9th. According to a complaint by one of the nurses to the municipality’s Ombudsman, the user threw “slaps, punches, kicks, kicks, bites and scratches” against her and committed a racial slur against her colleague. The user, who was arrested in the act and released, would be dissatisfied with the waiting time for care.

Coren-RS will request urgent measures from the Municipal Health Department (SMS) of the Capital, demanding the adoption of safety measures so that Nursing professionals can fully act in the Primary Health Care (PHC) network of Porto Alegre.

It is unacceptable that episodes like this still occur against Nursing! Coren-RS represents more than 140 thousand professionals and will continue to fight for them!

*Júlia Barros collaborated under the supervision of Gustavo Foster

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