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Apple tests change in iPhone charger connector and can adopt USB-C, as in Android smartphones

Apple tests change in iPhone charger connector and can adopt USB-C, as in Android smartphones

THE apple started testing for future versions of the iPhone with a power charger connector that uses the model called USB-C. The standard is also adopted in new smartphones with Android operating system from manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi. Apple’s possible change aims to comply with a new European Union law that requires all cell phones to have the USB-C charging connector.

The American technology company is also working on an adapter that will allow accessories to be compatible with the new iPhone connector standard, according to anonymous sources who spoke to the company. Bloomberg.

The change in the charger cable was already predicted by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, specializing in Apple coverage. However, the estimate is that the iPhone with the new charger will only arrive in 2023 — assuming that the ongoing tests are successful. The model expected for the second half of 2022, the successor to the iPhone 13, should arrive with the current connector, called Lightning and adopted in the company’s products since the iPhone 5.

Apple has not commented on the case.

iPhone without charger in box

Last Thursday, the 12th, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security requested the opening of lawsuits against Apple and Samsung companies by the more than 900 Procons in the country due to the non-inclusion of chargers in smartphones marketed by the brands.

Previously, Procon-SP has already fined Apple R$ 10 million for the sale of an iPhone without a charger. The Procon of Fortaleza also fined the iPhone manufacturer and Samsung for the same reason, in amounts of R$ 10.3 million and R$ 15.5 million, respectively.

This year, Apple was ordered to pay US$ 1,000 to a Brazilian consumer who sued the company for not offering the charger along with the iPhone. The decision was made by Judge Vanderlei Caires Pinheiro, of the 6th Special Civil Court of Goiânia (GO), on April 18.

Samsung has already closed an agreement with Procon-SP and allows consumers to request the charger free of charge by registering on the Samsung Para Você website.

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