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The newborn’s body was located this Saturday morning, in Jardim Amália, Cará-Cará neighborhood.

A human fetus was found this Saturday morning (14), in Ponta Grossa. The newborn’s body was located by the owner of a recyclables company, located on Arapoti Street, in Jardim Amália, Cará-Cará neighborhood. According to her, the fetus was together with several recyclables collected the day before, and was found this morning, when she was separating the collected material. The Military Police were called and are at the scene. The Criminalistics Institute was called, as well as the IML.

The body was found around 8:30 am, when the Military Police were called. The fetus is estimated to be between 3 and 4 months old. According to the owner, this fetus was wrapped in a plastic bag, which was inside a box. The police officers arrived at the scene and verified the fact, later calling the Criminalistics and the Legal Medical Institute, following all the protocols for such cases.

According to the owner of the establishment, who found the fetus, a large amount of material was collected yesterday afternoon, around 3:30 pm, from the garbage of a supermarket in the city. All this material, after being collected and arriving at the establishment, was left on the ground for later separation of the materials. This Saturday morning, she started to separate the materials, the cardboard from the plastics, when when she opened the box, she found the fetus rolled up.

Police are on the scene and the case will be investigated.

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