Google glasses can translate conversations in real time

THE Google presented this week a pair of glasses capable of translating conversations in real time. The technology was shown through a video presented at the conference to the company’s developers, Google I/O. The novelty does not yet have a release date.

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The video shows the glasses being worn by people who speak different languages ​​such as English, Mandarin and Spanish. In addition to American Sign Language, which was also featured in the video. And during use, subtitles appear with the translation.

Google glasses

With the new glasses, Google hopes to break the barrier created by different languages ​​and facilitate communication between people. According to the company, the novelty is the result of years of research. It is an advancement of Google Translate, a tool well known around the world.

Despite the disclosure of the new technology, there is still no forecast of when the glasses will be available for sale. But, at first, the novelty already draws the attention of several lovers of Google’s products and services.

With the technology presented by Google, when using the glasses, people will no longer have the need to consult other translation devices during conversations. In addition, according to the video presented by the company, the design is very similar to a normal glasses.

The proposal is that glasses are a tool used by people who are traveling to other countries, without mastering the language. In addition to day-to-day work, during job interviews, for example, or any other need.

Other Google news were presented during the conference with the company’s developers. Many of them should be launched later this year, with sales expected for next year. This is the case with the Pixel 6a, the company’s first smartwatch.

Google shows off smart glasses
Google shows off smart glasses

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