Learn why some drugs are banned in the treatment of dengue | Sao Jose do Rio Preto and Araçatuba

Thousands of dengue cases were recorded in the northwest of São Paulo this year. Faced with the escalation of the disease, the g1 interviewed an infectious disease doctor to ask questions about the drugs that may or may not be used to treat symptoms.

  • Rio Preto surpassed more than 1 thousand cases of dengue in the first two months of 2022
  • In nine days, Birigui records a 70% increase in the number of dengue cases

According to Irineu Maia, an infectious disease specialist at the Faculty of Medicine of São José do Rio Preto (SP), patients diagnosed with dengue tend to be concerned about the drop in platelets. However, other factors need to be taken into account.

“The drop in platelets is not important, but if you have a drop in platelets and bleeding, you have to be careful. The most important thing in the blood count is the increase in red blood cells. This concentration of red blood cells is a way of saying that the patient is dehydrated . This is terrible”, explains the doctor.

Some signs indicate the severity of the disease, such as drowsiness and irritation of the patient, bleeding of mucous membranes and urine, abdominal pain, drop in pressure and vomiting in general. In general, symptoms should be treated, according to Irineu.

Dengue symptoms — Photo: Arte g1

And what drugs to use?

Some drugs are prohibited so as not to worsen the dengue condition, so Irineu says that three pillars are fundamental to the treatment.

“The first one is vigorous hydration. It can be by mouth. If you have nausea or vomiting, then hydration has to be done by vein. You have to rest, because the disease is an acute infectious disease. The second step is to treat the fever. which is very common. The third pillar is to treat pain in the body”, he says.

Number of dengue cases from January to April exceeds that of the entire last year

Number of dengue cases from January to April exceeds that of the entire last year

For the doctor, the medication prescribed should be to treat the symptom presented by the patient.

“If you have nausea, the doctor prescribes medicine for nausea. If you have pain, medicine for pain. But mainly use and abuse dipyrone. Dipyrone can be used very calmly, unlike other medicines that are used for fever and pain.”

“Acetylsalicylic acid is prohibited, because it increases the patient’s chance of bleeding. As well as anti-inflammatory drugs that facilitate bleeding. Some examples are ibuprofen, ketoprofen, corticosteroids and especially diclofenac”, he explains.

Another drug that must be avoided in patients with dengue is paracetamol. “It can change the liver. In patients with dengue, there is liver involvement, but it is mild. However, if it is associated with the use of paracetamol, there may be some more serious complication.”

With regard to treatment, Irineu says it is the same for everyone, but what changes is the dose from patient to patient.

Combating the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito is essential to prevent dengue cases — Photo: Getty Images/Arquivo

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