Putin has cancer and a coup d’etat is being planned in Russia, says Ukraine

Head of Ukrainian military intelligence, said that the Russian leader is in poor psychological and physical condition: He suffers from several diseases at the same time’

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the Talent and Success Educational Foundation Board of Trustees via video conference

The health of the Russian president Vladimir Putin became one of the agendas of the war. According to the head of military intelligence at the Ukrainethe Russian leader is “gravely ill” from cancer, which has made the Kremlin plan a coup d’état in order to change the commander of the Russia. The information was released on Friday, the 13th. “We can confirm that Putin is in very poor psychological and physical condition. He is very sick. He suffers from several diseases at the same time, one of which is cancer,” Major General Kyrylo Budanov told the British channel “Sky News”, without providing details or proof of his statements. Doubts about Putin’s health had already been punctuated. Recently, independent Russian media reported that he was facing thyroid cancer. There has also been speculation about a possible terminal cancer. However, none of the speculations were confirmed by the Kremlin. During the interview, Budanov also reported that he predicted a Ukrainian victory later in the year.

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