Regional Hospitals guarantee highly complex services to SUS users

Obstetrics team at the General Public Hospital of Castelo de Sonhos, in southwest Pará, celebrates the birth of a baby from ParáBringing medium and high complexity services closer to the users of the Unified Health System (SUS), who live far from Belém, has been the main objective of the State government, with the implementation of Regional Hospitals in different regions of Pará. Since 2019, six hospital units have been delivered, which have changed the reality of care for the population of Pará.

Among them, the two institutions inaugurated in July 2020, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, the Regional Hospital of Tapajós (HRT), in Itaituba, stand out; and the General Public Hospital of Castelo de Sonhos (HPGCS), in the district of the same name, in Altamira, long-standing longings of the population there, who previously had to travel to Santarém to obtain specialized outpatient and hospital care.

HRT is a reference in Traumatology, providing emergency care in Polytrauma, with support from General Surgery, Orthopedics and Neurology.

Paulo Marcelino, carpenter technician, was admitted to the Tapajós Regional Hospital after suffering a motorcycle accident: “100% service”According to the director of HRT, Marcelo Azevedo, the Tapajós region had a lack of surgical care in cases of Traumatology and Orthopedics, which resulted in a large number of patients with sequelae. In 2021 alone, HRT performed 4,500 consultations and 2,400 surgeries in these areas. “By offering open-door care and referenced by the Polytrauma Regulation Center, polytrauma patients arrive quickly, allowing for early surgical procedures, which guarantees better results and faster recovery for patients,” he said.

The Hospital is also a reference in high-risk obstetrics and maternal and child care. The unit has two exclusive operating rooms for Obstetrics, and five pre-delivery, delivery and post-delivery rooms (PPPs).

The care of pregnant women occurs via a 24-hour open door or via regulation in the case of high-risk pregnant women. The service also has 10 pediatric ICU beds, 10 neonatal ICU beds and 05 Kangaroo Unit beds. The availability of Pediatric and Neonatal ICU beds contributed to reducing the waiting list and reducing infant and neonatal mortality.

Hemodialysis – Another fundamental service is Renal Replacement Therapy (Hemodialysis), which is part of the Nephrology sector. “There are 351 hemodialysis sessions, on average, per month. Today there are no patients in the Regulation queue waiting for a place for hemodialysis at the HRT”, guaranteed Marcelo Azevedo.

The HRT provided patients living in the municipalities of Tapajós with access and the convenience of being close to home, as several patients previously performed hemodialysis sessions in Santarém.
In addition, the Nephrology sector has specialized care with a team of nephrologists on call 24 hours a day, a nursing team and nursing technicians, a nutritionist, a social worker and a psychologist.

In the first quarter of 2022, there were 1,286 sessions, 502 of which in March alone, representing 40% of the production calculated in the period.

During this period, the HRT also recorded 1,089 hospitalizations of patients from 30 municipalities in the regions of Tapajós, Xingu, Baixo Amazonas and other locations, 78.7% of which were from Tapajós itself. The municipality with the highest number of hospitalizations was Itaituba with 624, representing a rate of 72.8% of the total of Tapajós.

The Ambulatory carried out 6,779 consultations in 20 specialties and there were 1,719 urgent and emergency consultations.

In addition to laboratory tests, the HRT has imaging tests and graphic methods, especially magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, general computed tomography, general and Doppler ultrasound, Holter, exercise testing and upper digestive endoscopy and colonoscopy.

Paulo Marcelino, a carpenter technician, was admitted to the unit after a motorcycle accident. He said he was going fishing with a friend when he fell over a hole. “I tried to put my hand on the ground to hold the bike, but my friend fell over my arm and broke it.”

He said that during all the time he was hospitalized he was well treated and thanks the professionals. “My service was 100%. I’m grateful to everyone. Congratulations to everyone.” Paulo was discharged last Wednesday (04), one day after turning 54, and will continue treatment with his family, in Moraes Almeida, Altamira district.

Danieli Costa Pereira, from Uruará, was discharged on the eve of his birthday, after surgery for a fracture on his tibia: “love, affection and attention”The young Danieli Costa Pereira, on the other hand, was discharged from the unit the day before her 24th birthday and was able to celebrate another year of life with friends and family in Uruará. She was admitted to HRT on April 27, after suffering a fall from her own height.

Danieli said he fractured his tibia in three parts and needed surgery. “Here, we find true angels. We were extremely well received from the first person to the last person who served us. I felt a lot of love, affection, attention and care from the hospital staff. I would like to thank you all”.

Castle of Dreams – Located over a thousand kilometers from Altamira, the Castelo de Sonhos General Public Hospital (HGPCS) is another Tapajós unit that has had a positive impact on the population’s quality of life. It is the gateway to specialized care, offering a rearguard for basic care throughout the region.

Despite being a reference unit in low and medium complexity care, the HPGCS offers 24-hour emergency care in Traumatology/Orthopedics, Internal Medicine; Surgical Clinic; Obstetrics and Pediatrics, including all the necessary support with laboratory tests and imaging tests and graphic methods.

In 2021, it registered 17,056 visits to the Emergency Room and showed a significant increase in surgeries, with a total of 216 interventions. The HGPCS outpatient clinic offers care in the specialties of Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Anesthesiology.

In the area of ​​diagnostic support, the HGPCS has laboratory tests, radiography, general and Doppler ultrasound, electrocardiogram and colposcopy, having performed 14,472 tests during 2021.

According to the director of the HGPCS, Diego dos Santos, the unit became a regulated and spontaneous reference for the region, which contributed to the possibility of immediate and quality care that had an impact on the reduction of mortality. “Although it is a territory with a low population density, there is a high rate of trauma due to the characteristics of the region”, he observed.

In the 1st quarter of 2022, 5,896 patients were treated in the Emergency Room, 348 hospitalizations were carried out with an average of 98% discharge due to improvement.

Since its opening, the Public Hospital of Castelo de Sonhos has been making history in the District both in Urgent and Emergency care and in surgical procedures.

The Secretary of State for Public Health, Rômulo Rodovalho, is satisfied with the results of these hospitals, as they demonstrate that the government of Pará has been right to continue decentralizing specialized services to all regions of the state. “It is gratifying to know that many people are being cared for in their own city or region, who no longer need to go to Santarém or Belém, to receive the treatment they deserve, especially women with high-risk pregnancies”, she celebrated.

Bethlehem – The Regional Hospital Dr. Abelardo Santos (HRAS), in the capital, was the first to be opened in September 2019. In fact, the hospital unit already existed, but it gained a new ample and modern physical structure, enabling the implementation of important new services for the population of the city. Metropolitan Region of Bethlehem.

Offering medium and high complexity care, with 340 beds between clinicians and ICU, HRAS serves children and adults in various specialties.

The unit also has pediatric and obstetric care, open 24 hours a day for the population of Pará, ensuring care for residents of the District of Icoaraci and also on the islands surrounding the capital.

With the capacity to perform 815 surgical procedures, the unit performs general vascular, urological, neurological, endovascular, general and spinal and pediatric orthopedic surgery.

The HRAS also has a hemodynamics room for performing highly complex, minimally invasive procedures, such as in vascular and neurological surgery specialties.

In the outpatient area, HRAS also offers consultations in important specialties such as nephrology, vascular surgery, urology, neurosurgery, endovascular and spine neurology.

With regard to imaging tests and graphic methods, in addition to the most common tests, HRAS performs CT scans, mammography, ultrasound, endoscopy, colonoscopy, electroneuromyography, breast and prostate biopsy, histological diagnosis, and also has a Hemodialysis, attending 68 patients a day in three shifts.

abaetetuba – The strength of the Regional Hospital of Baixo Tocantins Santa Rosa (HRBT), which is a reference in medium and high complexity for 11 municipalities in the region, is to provide obstetric and orthopedic emergency 24 hours, with open door service, that is, it does not need referral, the user just needs to go to the unit that will be served. Before, many accident victims and women in labor had to come to Belém to receive care.

Among the exams offered, general and Doppler ultrasonography, mammography, breast, cervix and prostate biopsy, map, exercise stress test, Holter, endoscopy, colonoscopy, resonance and tomography.

With regard to outpatient consultations, the HRBT offers orthopedics, urology, high-risk obstetrics, surgical oncology gynecology, anesthesiology, mastology, cardiology, coloproctology, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, maxillofacial.

Capanema – Open door service in orthopedics is the strength of the Hospital Regional Público dos Caetés (HRPC). In the period from April 2021 to March 2022 alone, there were 2,429 urgent and emergency visits. But the Hospital also offers outpatient consultations, exams and hospitalizations and surgeries.

The highly complex services that are the differential in the region are consultations in Mastology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology and Anesthesiology.

(With collaboration of Moisés Sodré/HRT, Roberta Paraense/HRAS and Vera Rojas/HRPC)

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