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Among the four provisional measures (MPs) approved in the Chamber of Deputies that are going to be voted on in the Senate, is MP 1.080/2021, which expands the purposes of using the resources of the Fund for Equipping and Operationalization of End-Activities of the Federal Police (Funapol ) to allow the financing of a health plan and the payment of an indemnity for time of availability.

The text amends Complementary Law 89/1997, which created Funapol. Originally, the MP only allowed the use of up to 30% of the fund’s resources for the payment of health expenses and the cost of transport, accommodation and food for servers in missions or operations of an official nature. However, the substitute approved in the Chamber increases the proportion to 50%, also incorporating the expenses with the indemnity.

According to the proposal, compensation may be paid to the Federal Police employee who voluntarily remains at the service’s disposal, according to the previous schedule, waiting for a summons to report to the service after his regular 8-hour or 40-hour work week. Income tax and social security contribution will not be charged on the indemnity, and the amounts may not be incorporated into the employee’s remuneration or used as a basis for calculating other benefits.

Vaccines for covid-19

Senators will also appreciate MP 1,083/2021, which opens an extraordinary credit of R$6.41 billion for the purchase of vaccines against covid-19. According to the government, R$ 3.6 billion will be used to produce and supply 120 million doses of vaccine by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation. For the National Health Fund (FNS), R$ 2.81 billion will be used to purchase doses from private providers. The money will come from a credit operation through the issuance of National Treasury bonds.

Due to Constitutional Amendment 113, resulting from the PEC dos Precatórios, up to R$15 billion of the recalculated limit of the spending ceiling can be used for vaccination expenses against covid-19 or related to emergency and temporary actions of a socioeconomic nature. Thus, the increase in credits would be supported by this budgetary slack.

voluntary civil service

MP 1099/2022 was also ratified by the deputies and sent to the Senate, which creates a voluntary civil service program remunerated by grants paid by the municipalities and linked to the realization of courses by the beneficiaries.

Through the National Program for the Provision of Voluntary Civil Service, linked to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, municipalities will pay scholarships, due to the provision of services in activities considered by the city as of public interest. The program is aimed at young people aged between 18 and 29 and people aged 50 and over without formal employment for more than 24 months; substitute approved in the Chamber included people with disabilities as a target audience.

The scholarship will not count towards the maximum income for staying in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico), and can be accumulated with the Continued Benefit (BPC) paid to the disabled person, as well as with the death pension. or accident assistance.

Penitentiary Fund

Another MP on the agenda in the Senate establishes a floor of 40% in the mandatory transfer from the National Penitentiary Fund (Funpen), administered by the Union, to the funds of the states, the Federal District and municipalities. Before the edition of the MP, Complementary Law 79/94 established this transfer at up to 75%, in 2017; by up to 45% for the 2018 fiscal year; by up to 25% in 2019; and a fixed amount of 40% in subsequent years. The text of MP 1.082/2021 was approved by the deputies without changes.

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