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Hi my name is Vanessa Conceição dos Santos, I’m 32 years old, a 13 year old son named Diogo who lives with me, I live in Jardim Montesano in the city of Itapecerica da Serra. In September of the year 2020 I started to feel severe pain all over my body and a very high fever every day, so a search began to find out why all the symptoms were 9 months of constant struggle with several incorrect diagnoses of a lot of pain and suffering. I went several times to the general hospital of Itapecerica da Serra and it was no use, because they said that what I had was emotional and each day the symptoms worsened until a lump began to appear in my neck on the right side, and on the left side. a very large relief appeared on which only Dorflex was passed every six hours to be taken. I started going to the general hospital in Diadema with a head and neck surgeon and I couldn’t find out what I had there. I was directed to the clinics hospital with a rheumatologist, who claimed that all my exams were not a problem of attacked rheumatism, he directed me to the infectologist, but the clinics hospital was in an outbreak of covid, so I got a care with infectologist Dr. Piñata at USP, the same immediately requested emergency hospitalization, because my condition was already very serious the disease was already spread in my body, there a biopsy was done to prove that I had Hodking’s lymphoma, I had 5.3 of very weak anemia and needed immediate care. USP directed me to icesp, which is the Cancer Hospital at Dr. Arnaldo, there they ran with me to put the porto card and do the first chemo hospitalized this happened on the date 06/29/2021 I was hospitalized for 12 days, in the first chemo that I had it was abvd the result was satisfactory it gave my body a good cleanse, and the disease had already gone to bones and organs. After a few chemotherapy sessions from abvd my bones were already clean of the disease but my spleen organ remained compromised and soon after the disease started to advance again, that’s where the doctors decided to start with a much stronger chemotherapy called GIV, this chemotherapy only it served to weaken me much more and cause me to lose all my hair, I needed several blood and platelet transfusions. In December they decided to start a new chemotherapy called dhap and I was guided by the doctors that there would be the last treatment available by the SUS that they would have to use with me at that moment and that from then on I would have to go to court to get other stronger chemotherapy drugs . This new chemotherapy started on December 6, 2021 and then on January 3, 2022 my pet Scan showed that the disease was still advanced, as it had already gone to the liver and lung. I had to look for a private doctor having paid r$ 550 to file a report to file a lawsuit against the state of São Paulo. Because the icesp hospital does not provide any type of document that can be used against the state of São Paulo. I filed a request for the state of São Paulo to provide the drug pembrolizumab, I waited for a month and the state denied it, the lawyer went to court one day, then an injunction was granted and so far the drug has not been made available, the government remains resistant. my life depends on this medicine so I can live, and my last chance to fight meanwhile the disease only advances my last pet Scan shows that the disease has spread a lot and is worse than when I discovered the disease, I want to live and take care of my son I want to see him grow up I’m desperate, I really need your help.

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